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I, Arun Bhargava resides in New Delhi. I am a Telecommunications expert. After completing engineering ( B.E Electrical ) from I I T Roorkee, India, in 1967, I joined, in 1968, Indian Posts & Telegraphs under Ministry of communication, Government of India, now known as Department of Telecommunications (DOT).  In 1979, I was the first officer from DOT who was selected by Telecommunications Consultants India Limited ( TCIL ), a Public Sector Enterprise, under Ministry of Telecommunications, Government  of India for the execution of its first Microwave project in IRAQ.

TCIL was formed,in 1978, to set up Telecom networks in Middle East,Africa South & South East Asia. IRAQ project was taken in association with M/s Mitsubishi Japan. It was the most important  telecom project for His Excellency  Saddam Hussein, the then President of IRAQ.This Microwave  project  was highly successful and was implemented, in record time of 7 months, to the entire satisfaction of IRAQ PTT. After returning back from IRAQ, in 1980, I was permanently absorbed in TCIL, in 1982, and finally retired from there, in 2005, as Executive Director .

During  my tenure in TCIL I visited around 40 countries in Middle East, Africa, South & South East Asia including USA, Europe, China, Hong Kong,Vietnam, Japan etc in connection with TCIL business.

About My Photography Hobby

Photography is my hobby. I started photography, as a hobby, in the year 1969/70 with Yashia D Camera and later on switched over to Canon and finally on Nikon series. Initially I took lots of photographs of nature, portrait, monuments and covered  all family functions/marriages etc. After joining TCIL , I got exposure of International Market  and during frequent visits, in connections with TCIL business, I could visit Masia Mara Wildlife National Park in Kenya & many tourist interest places namely Italy,Paris, London, Indonesia Japan etc.etc Slowly slowly I developed more & more interest in Birds,Wildlife and Flower Photography which became my passion.

Here it is to mention that there was technology change from film cameras to Digital with the result that practically all pictures taken by him, say up to 2005, became obsolete. Also due to some personal reasons I could not pursue my photography hobby till 2017. I then revived it in the year 2018 with new Nikon Digital SLR camera and sets of zoom lenses and decided to visit many places in India and abroad, in next 2-3 years time, to cover Birds & Wildlife Sanctuaries, flower gardens and historic monuments etc

With this background and likely increase of portfolio in next 2–3 year, I thought it a right time to create a web based ON LINE Birds & Wildlife Portfolio. I therefore, got designed  an e- commerce website. Therefore an ON LINE Wildlife Photography Portfolio has been created. Also I linked it to Facebook by creating a page "Arun Bhargava Wild Life & Flower Photographer" The basic aim is to have a ON LINE portfolio, to manage and store the pictures, for personal use and to share it with friends and relations. But in case, at a later stage, if someone is interested to buy the pictures, an International gate way has also been created to remit money direct to my bank account. However I am not keen in any commercial activity.

Although the theme of this website is  Wildlife & Flower photography, but I thought to add other categories such as Travel and classical dances etc also. 

Last year ie in 2019, I visited the Ngorogoron-Serengeti-Tarangire National parks in Tanzania.This year ie 2020, in India,I visted Bhigwan Birds Sanctuary near Pune Maharastra and Keoladeo National Park in Bharatpur  (earlier known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) and Rose Garden Chandigarh I could get many good shots of  Flamingos, Painted storks, grey/purple Heron, black headed Ibis,egret,Eagle,Egyptian vulture etc etc which, I have uploaded.

 I also planned to visit,in 2020 & 2021, Tadoba National Park near Nagpur, Maharatra, to capture Tigers; Masia Mara wildlife in Kenya to capture Big Five and other wild animals; Amsterdam to shoot  flower/tulip pictures in Keukenhof, world famous Tulips & flower garden and Italy to cover world famous monuments such as Colosslum, Vatican Museums, St Peter's Basilica and Leaning tower of Pisa etc, but due to corona lock down all above visits had to be  postponed

Also to mention that I became member of  Birds & Wildlife Photography Club( bwpc ).This gave me a platform to come across the action shot photographs taken by many renowned members of this group. It motivates me to focus more on action shots and, to improve quality of pictures. Also I gets tips to visit right places to get photographs. On watching, on U-tube, the videos of  professional photographers, I got many tips on camera settings and found that post processing on Photo Shop is a must to improve the image quality. At present I have basic knowledge of Photo shop and so I shall now be focusing on gaining more knowledge of various Photo Shop tools.

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